Girl At The Bus Stop‘ single reviews

WHTG FM 106.3 (USA)

I haven’t written anything in a while, but I felt compelled to share with you a nice little success story we’re having here at the Jersey Shore. About seven weeks ago Shelley Miller and I were heading into our music meeting, and we came across a band on an indie called My Drug Hell. We knew absolutely nothing about them and, honestly, the reason we checked it out was because of the cool name. We instantly fell in love with the song ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’. We put it in light rotation, expecting nothing. We just thought it was a cool record we’d stay on for a few weeks. We started getting a couple of curiosity calls, bumped it a few spins, got more calls, and soon it was blowing out. Sometimes a top requesting song will have five calls a week. We were getting at least five calls a day! Well, here we are seven weeks later, and My Drug Hell is in power and has been number one phones for the last three weeks. The full-length (‘This is My Drug Hell’) is a current staff rave, and every day I try turning someone else onto this cool English trio. I think you’ll dig it as much as us and our listeners.
(TJ Bryan-Programme Director)

New Musical Express (UK)

I once saw My Drug Hell at the now derelict Moonlight Club in West Hampstead, and they showed all the unrehearsed signs of being capable of some gloriously daft beat-poet moments if only they could get the drummer to work. A joy then to discover that ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ is so lo-fi meek’n’mild the only people it is possible to compare it to are soppy old Donovan and, erm, Al Stewart (who he?-three quarters of the readership).

Singer Tim tells us he has fallen in love with a French girl he sees waiting for the bus. It is almost unbelievably wet. Somehow, I love it!.
(Paul Moody)

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Virtually Alternative (USA)

If Morrison, Jagger, and Dylan had a dinner party, My Drug Hell would be their musical guest. Retro viva galore, this sometimes folky, sometimes psychedelic sound should be a welcome favourite for the hippie parents of Gen X while appealing to the younger masses as something “new” to the alternative scene. Reminiscent of ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ is a subdued accoustic guitar ditty, and the tambourine will take you back to a peaceful, free-lovin’ era of bell-bottoms and fringe. Already a favourite for many pioneering speciality show hosts beyond college radio, ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ has seen the successes of major radio play and video rotation abroad. Having taken the title of MTV Europe’s “Alternative Nation Best Video” as well as forays into the NME and Melody Maker Indie charts, this fun, summerish tune is one of many from this UK band just waiting to break the American market and share their drug hell with all.
(Trace Palmer)

The Sun magazine (UK)

Get on the bandwagon now for this is undoubtedly a band destined for bigger things than a Miller beer ad.

Already the darlings of the indie scene with a unique style amalgamating early 60’s sounds with a very 21st Century perspective and attitude, this is no retrospective but a refreshing cocktail of past and present.

‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ is a little gem, a tragic tale of unrequited love that can’t help but raise a smile.

To watch their future career, simply light the blue touch paper and stand well back.
(Rob Cowley)

Indie Street (USA)

I’ve been to My Drug Hell, and I’m gonna take you with me! Buy this and be treated to two of the most striking songs of the nineties! I really mean that. ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ perfectly captures that missed opportunity feeling you get when the girl/boy of your dreams appears in a fleeting instance and the loss that occurs after that person “gets off the bus”, so to speak. Utterly heatbreaking and I can identify! All sung over a gorgeous melody to die for!

The flip side ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ is sharp, jagged, damn catchy, new wave styled speed pop. A cool vocal over a chugging herky-jerky guitar that recalls the “angry young man” of the late 70’s (Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Joe Jackson). An absolute must!
(Kevin Brown)

Music Week (UK)

The first UK single by the London three-piece is a delicious slab of jingly jangly, laid down summer pop. In fact, its absolutely stunning.

If you would like to buy ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ on 7″ or CD single check out the Drug Store-albums and t-shirts also available, but no drugs.