You Were Right I Was Wrong‘ single reviews

Indie Street (USA)

This is the second single by My Drug Hell, and it’s fab. If you picked up the ‘Girl at the Bus Stop’ 45, be prepared for something slightly different. ‘You Were Right….’ is a jerky “love breaks up” tune with the song style of ‘The Passenger’. The b-side ‘She Locked My Heart Up’ is a little heavier. Still keeping with the pop side of life, this track pulls out the late 60’s beat-pop and twists it around. Another fine slab of vinyl from My Drug Hell.
(Kevin Brown)

New Musical Express (UK)

This would appear to be the final paragraphs of a suicide note, set to a suitably jaunty, do-the-hokey-cokey acoustic dance beat (if that makes any sense). Yet another nerd getting dumped and pondering the meaning of it all. But at least he has the good grace to bequeath us all a nice tune, not to mention a ruddy good laugh.
(Johnny Cigarettes)

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2am‘ single reviews

Melody Maker (UK)

Why isn’t My Drug Hell’s LP in the shops yet? I’ve been listening to it on a tape for about a year now. Well, the wait is over and here’s a two-sided hint of the heights we’re about to hit. On with the show, this is it. Tim Briffa writes absolutely perfect pop songs. There’s not an ounce of bullshit here, and truth loves to go naked. ‘2am’ is an unadorned jewel that you polish with your ears. The more you listen the more it’ll glisten. Internal rhymes, loneliness externalised. Harmonies and discord.

My Drug Hell reinvent pure pop for now people. It’s good to have John Sebastian back.
(Mark Luffman)

Recorder Collector (UK)

The Drugs offer a dizzying overdose of Love, Robyn Hitchcock and 13th Floor Elevators. Singer Tim Briffa is either Syd Barrett or Jason Spiritualised-or both.

If you would like to buy ‘2am’ on 7″ or CD single check out the Drug Store-albums and t-shirts also available, but no drugs.